Why Liquor Delivery?

There are lots of reasons for liquor delivery, but they all stem from wanting to help out our community.

Liquor delivery helps with the community in these ways:

* Bartenders who are catering events can order liquor delivery to keep in stock what’s run out at various events like Wedding Receptions, Bachelor or Bachelorette parties.
* Enjoying a day pool-side with the family! No need to dry off and go driving, I’ll conveniently deliver to you.
* Any kind of celebration you’re hosting yourself from a college graduation party to a 21st birthday party to anything else that you want to celebrate! When the liquor runs low, you don’t have to go driving for more.
* Wine Parties! I know of people that have wine parties 1 / week and occasionally they run low or out before the night is through.
*Midnight Margarita’s!! Don’t be out of tequila when your midnight hour hits!

Finally, and most importantly, liquor delivery stresses Drinking Responsibly! If you’ve been drinking, a DUI or DWI can very easily affect your life by removing your license from you! In this day and age literally everything else can be delivered. In an age of Uber for rides, Uber Eats and Grub Hub for food, why not add Stone Cold to the list for liquor delivery and add a service for your needs!